The Terran Trade Federation

The Terran Trade Federation is a conglomerate of planets and various species in the space around the Terran home world known as Terra, Earth, and occasionally Sol-3. The history of the Federation is one of violence and expansion. Its origin is found by examining the start of Terran expansion beyond the Sol system.

Roughly 200 Terran years ago (2012 AD by the Terran calendar) the Vauun sent a warship to conquer the Sol system using the methods common to the quadrant. That method being a show of force with relatively small losses to the enemy. The ship edged into the system and monitored the primitive radio communications that emanated from the third planet in the system. Deciding that this was the world to tame to gain control of the system’s sole inhabitants, the Vauun ship approached the planet ignoring attempted communications from the species. The communications amazed the Vauun science officers, who wished to study the species longer, for they depicted members of the species living in areas that were wholly uninhabitable to Terrans and yet they had thriving communities. The captain of the ship decided that the lack of FTL ships indicated that this species would be easy to cow.

Entering orbit over the third planet the Vauun declared themselves rulers of the system using the inhabitants own crude radio signals. The ship then made its show of force by glassing the Sahara desert. Few lives were lost but the power available to the ship had been proven. The Vauun began preparing to set down and accept the species’ surrender. Instead it was met by military aircraft. The missiles of the jet fighters punched through the hull of the ship which was designed for space travel, not withstanding direct assault. One of the jets got lucky and disabled the ship. It crash landed in Africa, mostly intact.

The Terran governments used the confused prisoners of war and the technology on board to recreate not only a Space Fold drive, but finally find the solution for a viable fusion generator. This generator was relatively inexpensive and was more efficient than the generator that powered the original Space Fold drive. The Vauun had just handed a very warlike species the means of getting retribution for the attempted invasion.

Since the Luminum were the commanding force of the quadrant for many millennia, the idea of the victor being decided through a non-lethal show of force was standard among many races. Even the Kestral, with their powerful forms, used discussion and debate as their main form of decision making even from their earliest histories. It was the introduction of Terrans to the quadrant that changed the nature of war.

United in the face of possible invasion from space Terrans went into space with a mean disposition armed to the teeth. It had taken only 3 Terran years for a Terran armada to be built. They raged across their little corner of the quadrant winning battle after battle against the Vauun and their allies. In space the idea of actually killing another sentient was unimaginable for many species and their lack of action (and ship armour) made them easy pickings for the bloodthirsty Terrans.

Planetside, the Terrans penchant for warfare amongst themselves had caused them to grow strong and tough compared to most of the quadrant’s denizens. The infantry energy weapons of the Vauun were designed to wound at worst, and their targets were generally not as resilient as Terrans. These energy weapons generally only gave Terrans rashes.

Six months into the conflict the Vauun and their allies finally decided to examine the communications to see who exactly they were fighting. They discovered a species that ingested poisons recreationally. They kept animals which could bite through flesh and bone as pets, often for their children. They used oxygen, a gas that creates fire and destroys metal, for breathing.

This was a species that terrified the Vauun, and they had released them into space.

The Vauun surrendered unconditionally both from despair and as penance. Their allies were not so fearful. The war raged for 8 Terran years across numerous systems. More and more species got pulled in as they banded together to fight the Terrans and later the Vauun. As the war continued its nature changed. The allied forces began to adopt Terran ways of war. Soon enough it stopped being a veritable cake walk and became an actual war for the Terrans. Shortly after that it was realized that the front would soon become too big for the population of Terra to sustain despite the nearly global draft. The Terrans called a cease fire and struck a treaty with their former enemies, even giving back a number of systems, particularly those that were home worlds. This show of good faith was the corner stone of the Terran Trade Federation.

Since then the Federation has been able to form strong bonds with its former enemies and neighbours, creating an alliance based on co-operative protection and trade. This alliance has allowed the Federated planets to remain free from the control of the Collective and the Empire.

Despite these good tidings, Terrans are still viewed as one of the quadrant’s boogeymen since the species as a whole is generally tougher and meaner than most of the quadrant’s denizens. This stereotype of Terrans as warmongering brutes isn’t helped any by the Larkem Incident, the terrifying capacity for procreation Terrans have, nor the mercenary companies which were formed by the young soldiers of the war.

After the Terran War ended they had no where to go. Most of them considered the military their family because the relatively low casualty rates meant that many had served since the start of the war. They had joined willingly for adventure, the chance to go into space, or just to fight for Terran survival. Many had entered the military straight from high school and had no skills other than war. So many went looking for places to ply their trade. With the San’Oril system a neutral zone and the skirmishes that arose on a frontier there was much need for armed men willing to fight. Terrans had single handedly changed the face of war in the quadrant, for even the races that hadn’t been involved in the Terran War saw what was happening across the quadrant and began to change their tactics. The Terran veterans were proven soldiers and found lots of work. They formed various mercenary forces ranging in size from single platoons all the way through to full armies, many of which still exist today.

Terran Template

Tough 2 (4)

Attack Combat Mastery 1 (10)

Combat Technique 1: Brutal (2)

Combat Technique 1: Hardboiled (2)

Combat Technique 1: Lethal Blow (2)

Massive Damage: Melee (7)

Special Defense: Poisons 1 (2)

Skill: Intimidation 1 (2)

Skill: Power-Lifting 1 (3)

Ism 1: Racism (-2)

Marked 2: Terran (-2)

Total Cost: 30 Points

The Terran Trade Federation

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