The Luminum Empire

The Luminum (both plural and singular) are a race of long lived, frail, reptilian humanoids who have had space travel for the longest of the major factions and feel superior because of it. This leads them to believe that they are always right and so often feel that they should be in charge of any type of power structure which is created.

However, their arrogance is their greatest weakness because they believe that their technology is so much greater than everyone else’s that they haven’t bothered researching new technology for a long time. This technological stagnation has allowed the technology of others to almost catch up. The most technological advancement they have had in the last 500 years was to equip their warships with armour as a response to Terran methods of war. Although they are a stagnant society they are still a force to be reckoned with.

They rule their empire from their home world Lumina. The empire is controlled by the Emperor Jan’al, who’s family has ruled the empire for all of recorded history. The council of nine, however, are the ones who make most of the day to day decisions for running the empire.

Despite their frailty, the Luminum (particularly youths) engage in duels using their fangs. The duels are often caused by disputes of personal honour between two individuals (though it never decides organizational policy). The Luminum’s natural armour ensures that few duels result in severe wounds. This is reinforced by the general understanding that a duelist is to yield once their opponent draws blood.

Luminum Racial Template

Mind +1 (10)

Extra Actions 1 (15 points)

Features: Longevity, Long Tongue, Low-Light Vision (3 points)

Heightened Senses 1: Smell (2 points)

Weapon 2: Fangs (4 points)

Melee Attack 1: Fangs (3 points)

Not So Tough 1 (-2 points)

Easily Distracted 2: Warmth (-2 point)

Sensory Impairment 1: Colour Blind (-3 points)

Total Cost: 30 points

The Luminum Empire

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