The Kestral Collective

The Kestral (plural; Kestran, singular) a race of asexual insectoids with a clan based structure. They are a proud and stubborn race which often puts them at odds with the Luminum. Each Kestran belongs to a clan lead by the eldest member of the clan. This elder is the sole decision maker of the clan and has full authority over their clan which can be anywhere from a single family of 20 to an extended family of over 200. The Collective is ruled over by an elder who is elected by vote of all the other elders. Though elders are the power holders of Kestran society, they are expected to take the advice of those they trust.

A Kestran spends 2 years as a child before they are expected to take their place as a productive member of society. At this time many Kestral decide to leave their clan home and find their place in the world before they begin their reproduction cycle in roughly 25 years. Kestral normally create between 10 and 20 eggs during their reproduction cycle, which happens monthly for one year in a Kestran’s midlife. After their reproduction cycle ends, most Kestral return to their clan home if they have not already done so and take their place in assisting the children and leading the clan.

Until recently the infant mortality rate of Kestral was very great and only with the help of gene therapy has it been lowered. This population explosion has resulted in Kestral making up a great deal of the colonists of the frontier. This has also lead to their technology being the second most common on the frontier after the Terran Trade Federation’s.

In addition to their insectoid appearance the other notable feature of Kestral biology is their complex brains. This complexity has gifted the species with limited telepathy among themselves. This telepathy allows for rapid communication between Kestral despite great distances. However, to communicate across a planet a Kestran must “scream” their message, which can be exhausting not only to do but also to “hear.” This has allowed Kestral to quickly gather to a source of danger to one of their own creating an even closer evolutionary bond amongst themselves. It is said that Kestral who work together closely can develop stronger telepathic bonds allowing for more detailed and easier communication. There are even reports of Kestral who have developed weak telepathic links to non-Kestral.

Kestran Racial Template

Body +2 (20)

Telepathy 1:Kestral only, Emotions only (0)

Armour 2 (4)

Extra Arms 2 (4)

Heightened Sense 1: Sight (2)

Organizational Ties 1: Clan (2)

Energy Bonus 1 (2)

Mind Shield 1 (2)

Less Capable: Manual Dexterity 2 (-2)

Less Capable: Agility 1 (-1)

Impaired Speech 1 (-3)

Total Cost: 30 Points

The Kestral Collective

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